Friday, June 05, 2020
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A.B. Modine founded Modine Manufacturing Company in 1916 as a one-room office adjacent to a small workshop in Racine, WI. Today, Modine is an integral part of the world marketplace with sales approaching $1.5 billion. It specializes in products used in industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, off-highway and industrial equipment and refrigeration systems.
From the beginning, Modine has applied innovative thermal technology to meet its customers' needs, with breakthroughs yielding state-of-the-art customized heating and cooling solutions.

From the rooftop to your desktop, Modine is heating your world.

Our name is synonymous with comfort, delivered by our full line of applied products and unit heaters. Offered in all fuel sources and configurations, you are assured the perfect heating solution for your specific application.

And with Modine, you have the comfort in knowing all of our solutions comply with the Buy American Act as they are all Made in the USA.
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