Friday, June 05, 2020
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Ouellet Canada Inc. had humble beginnings. Resourceful Charles-Émile Ouellet launched the business from a makeshift workshop in his home, but it wasn't long before the little business became much more than a backyard venture. By constantly pushing the limits of innovation and keeping research and production tightly focused on high-performance electrical heating products, Ouellet progressively conquered Quebec, Canadian, American, and overseas markets.

Today, with a highly qualified workforce of over 225 employees and 100,000 square feet of production facilities, Ouellet Canada serves the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors and has become the uncontested North American leader in electric heating.

Ouellet offers electric heating products as well as ventilation products in the following Residential & Commercial categories:
Baseboard Heaters
Wall Heaters
Ceiling Heaters
Infrared Heaters
Unit Heaters
Draft Barrier Heaters
Cabinet Heaters
Floor Heating
Bath Fans
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