Friday, June 05, 2020
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Geothermal Water-to-Air Combination Hydronic System

The Geofinity GC (water-to-air/water) series provides the same forced-air-comfort of the GF series, along with the ability to use hydronic heating for radiant floors, domestic hot water, pools/spas and snow melting capabilities. This series is available in vertical and horizontal configurations to meet any space requirements.

Designed to provide forced air heating and cooling as well as hydronic heating all in one convenient unit. Available in 3 to 6 ton sizes in both vertical and horizontal configurations this unit is designed to meet any/all space requirements for new and retrofit applications.

Standard Features:

Orb Controller for fully-integrated intelligence system

PSC blower motor for single-speed applications

MERV 13 2" air filter giving you high performance all season

Scroll compressors providing years of efficient, quiet and reliable performance

Fully insulated steel cabinet construction

Oversized heat exchangers producing increased efficiencies and greater cost savings

Analog temperature sensors to assist the Orb controls for optimal unit operation

10-year limited warranty for peace of mind

Optional Features:

Dual speed compressor for greater energy savings

Desuperheater to provide supplemental domestic hot water

Cupronickel heat exchanger for harsh water applications

EC Motor resulting in consistent, gentle air circulation

Electric heater for auxiliary back-up heat

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