Friday, June 05, 2020
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OVN Fusion Forced-Air Wall Heater

Electric Wall Heaters, the perfect combination of style, compactness, and technology!

Elegant and compact: The Fusion wall heater has uncommon esthetic appeal. It harmonizes beautifully with any decor and is perfect for rooms with little wall space.

• Precise and effective: The electronic thermostat keeps room temperature as close as possible to the setpoint temperature. It automatically switches the unit from 750W to 1500W when necessary.

• Practical: The Fusion’s electronic thermostat provides a range of practical and user-friendly applications like quick heating (timer), a backlit screen that acts as a nightlight, keypad lock, and standby.

• Quick and easy installation: The built-in singlescrew wire holder insures a fast and easy wiring of the heater, and the ingenious design lets you mount it on a wall without even removing the front cover. You save both time and money!

• Safe: The tight grid keeps foreign objects out.

• Adaptable: The design lets you install the heater either in or on a wall without an adaptor, easily meeting your installation requirements.

• Reliable: The Fusion unit has a solid steel frame and a molded aluminum front cover.

• Quiet: The built-in electronic thermostat, timer, and squirrel cage fan are the perfect combination for quiet comfort.

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