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Modine offers three types of propeller* gas fired unit heater
solutions to cover a wide range of heating applications.

Gravity Vented
Model DFG duct furnaces are an economical choice for superior quality and dependability in most applications. These units feature the following:
• Available in 11 model sizes from 75,000 to 400,000 Btu/hr.
• 80% thermal efficiency for fuel savings.
• Uses natural or propane gas (field convertible from natural to propane gas).
• Certified for location either upstream or downstream from cooling coils and has a drain pan that allows connection to a condensate drain line.
• Certified to 3.0″ W.C. external static pressure for high static applications.
• A wide range of controls, options, and accessories for unit customization to meet even demanding specifications.
• Because the unit relies on a natural draft to vent properly, power vented units should be considered if the vent system is horizontal or if the space in which the unit is located is generally under a negative pressure.

Power Vented
Model DFP include all the items featured for the Gravity Vented Model DFG, but adds an integral power exhauster that allows for:
Vertical or horizontal venting with the smallest diameter vent pipe possible.
• The ability to overcome reasonable negative pressures seen in buildings with inadequate make up air.
Improved building efficiency through the reduction of off-cycle vent losses.

Separated Combustion
Model DFS builds upon the advantages of the Power Vented Model DFP, but is specifically designed for buildings with hostile environments, such as dusty, dirty, or humidity applications. This model features:
Separate electrical, venting, and gas control access with fully gasketed doors to seal components from the environment.
Combustion air that is drawn completely from outside to ensure that the unit will always have plenty of fresh, clean air.
Since combustion air is introduced from outside, off-cycle vent losses are essentially eliminated, further improving building efficiency.
Horizontal or vertical two-pipe or concentric venting options.


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