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Model HFP outdoor power vented indirect gas-fired duct furnaces cover a wide range of building heating and make-up air applications. These furnaces are an economical choice for superior quality and dependability in most installations and feature the following:
• Available in 11 model sizes from 75,000 to 400,000 Btu/hr.
• 80% thermal efficiency for fuel savings.
• Uses natural or propane gas (field convertible from natural to propane gas).
• Right or left hand control access can be specified when ordering the unit.
• Certified for location either upstream or downstream from cooling coils and has a drain pan that allows connection to a condensate drain line.
• Certified to 3.0” W.C. external static pressure for high static applications.|
• A wide range of controls, options, and accessories for unit customization to meet even demanding specifications
• An integral power exhauster that allows for a low profile installation.

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