Modine Chilled Water Ceiling Cassette
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Modine Ductless Mini-Split Ceiling Cassette units effectively make each area served an independent controlled temperature zone. Through thermostatic control of operations, conditions can be varied to suit diverse requirements or activities. Optional fresh air intakes are available to provide for ventilation and recirculation of room air. Features include:
• Available in a choice of three models, SSD (DX Cooling), SSH (Heat Pump), and SCW (Chilled Water).
• R410A DX cooling or heat pumps available in 5 model sizes, chilled water cooling available with 6 model sizes.
• Optional heating can be provided by factory installed electric heat or hot water modules.
• Design techniques are incorporated to reduce noise levels to an absolute minimum, including low blower speeds, rigid panel and cabinet construction, and sound-absorbent cabinet insulation.
Available with electro-mechanical or microprocessor based controls. The micro-processor controller includes infrared transmitter which enables room conditions to be maintained at a user defined set point. Also available are network cards to allow units to be connected to a Building Management System.

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