Modine Electric Unit Heaters – Horizontal

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Modine horizontal electric unit heaters provide a wide variety of options in solving comfort-heating problems. Each is designed for long heat-throw, uniform heat-delivery, and reduced maintenance. The two types offered are:

• Horizontal Delivery Units (Model HER)
• Recommended for use in buildings where ceilings are low and with few obstructions.
• Available in 7 sizes from 5kW through 25kW.

Power-Throw™ High Velocity Horizontal Delivery Units (Model PTE)
• Recommended where there is a requirement for heat throw greater than can be provided by standard horizontal delivery models and for hard-to-heat areas, such as frequently opened loading dock doors or large warehouses.
• Available in 3 Sizes from 15kW through 50 kW.
• Offered in single and two-stage controls.

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