Modine Low Water Temp Greenhouse Heaters
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Modine model GLW units are specifically designed to heat greenhouses with low-temperature water. They can be successfully used in applications where waste or reject heat from steam-electric power plants, refineries, pumping stations, distilleries, and other industrial or processing plants can be utilized for heating. With the ever-increasing cost of fossil fuel, utilizing reject heat as a heat source for greenhouses or other spaces is a sensible solution. Standard features include:
• Hot water coil with copper tubes, aluminum fins, and 1-1/2″ MPT copper connections for high water flow capability.
Maximum operating pressure is 300 PSI, maximum operating water temperature is 180°F.
Frame, enclosure panels, and 24″ polytube transitions are galvanized steel for corrosion resistance in humid environments.
High airflow, 3850CFM for GLW330S and 7700CFM for GLW660S, based on 150 feet of polytube duct.

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