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Modine offers outdoor power vented indirect gas-fired system units that couple our duct furnaces to a blower section. These units are offered in multiple configurations for applications ranging from simple recirculating heating only units, 100% outside air make-up air units, to more complex heating and cooling units with fresh and return air damper controls. These units are an economical choice for superior quality and dependability in most installations and feature the following:

Model configurations available are HBP (furnace & blower), HDP (furnace, blower, & downturn plenum), HCP (furnace, blower, & cooling coil section), and HPP (furnace, blower, downturn plenum, & cooling coil section).
• Available in 17 model sizes from 75,000 to 1,200,000 Btu/hr.
• Selection of 6 blower sizes and many drive and motor combinations allows robust blower performance from 556 to 14,500 CFM against a total static pressure of up to 3.0” W.C.
• Variable frequency drives for multi-speed or variable air volume applications.
• Two-position, modulating, building pressure sensing, or 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA signal controlled damper actuators.
• 80% thermal efficiency for fuel savings.|
• Uses natural or propane gas (field convertible from natural to propane gas).
• Right or left hand control access can be specified when ordering the unit.
• Available with either a factory installed DX or chilled water cooling coil or the coil can be provided by others.
• A wide range of controls, options, and accessories for unit customization to meet even demanding specifications.
• An integral power exhauster that allows for a low profile installation.

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