Modine Steam/Hot Water Cabinet Unit Heaters
Installation InstructionsC-CW
Modine steam/hot water cabinet unit heaters feature clean, uncluttered designs and compact dimensions to blend into any environment and minimize installation space. Units feature:
• Model configurations available are C (exposed floor mounted) and CW (exposed wall or ceiling mounted with capability to be partially or fully recessed).
• 8 model sizes for heating/airflow flexibility to properly match units to job requirements.
• High capacity 2-row hot water coil option.
• 9 decorator colors to choose from to aesthetically blend into any environment.
• Reduced noise levels through low blower speeds, rigid cabinet construction, and sound-absorbent cabinet insulation.
• Unit mounted solid state speed control.
• A wide range of controls, options, and accessories for unit customization to meet even demanding specifications.

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