Modine Valedictorian® Vertical Unit Ventilator
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Modine Valedictorian® vertical unit ventilators operate in conjunction with a building’s central chiller/boiler plant and have been designed to be tough, dependable, aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and easy to install. The unit is built with heavy-duty construction and incorporates a draw-through design with a variety of heating, cooling and ventilation configurations. Features include:
• Available in four model sizes, 750, 1,000, 1,250, and 1,500 CFM.
• Coils can be selected as 2, 3, or 4-row for chilled water/hot water 2-pipe systems. Optional 1-row or 2-row dedicated hot water coils are available for 4-pipe systems and can be positioned for either preheat or reheat applications.
• Discharge temperature can be controlled using either a face-and-bypass damper or a modulating control valve.
• Optional factory installed microcontroller available. Units may also be configured as DDC ready or they can be set-up for field installed controls.
• Fully modulating outside air and return air dampers allow for any mixture of outside air and return air to be drawn thru the unit.
• Optional factory assembled piping packages available.
• Select from a variety of sub-bases, utility compartments, filler sections, and side panels to create the right fit for new or replacement installations.

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