Ouellet Canada, headquartered in l’Islet on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, designs, manufactures, distributes, and markets standard, custom-made, and distinctive electric heating products.  Ouellet Canada cultivates strong ties with its customers by always listening in order to understand their challenges and aspirations. Ouellet is known as a supplier of choice, providing products that meet customers’ needs and service that exceeds their expectations.  This ambitious goal requires a dedicated team of employees who strive every day to make Ouellet a company our customers rave about. This business philosophy benefits all our partners, customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders alike.

Ouellet Canada had humble beginnings. It all started with an inventive and entrepreneurial Quebec native called Charles-Émile Ouellet. What started as a small backyard business in a makeshift workshop attached to his home was to quickly become so much more. By constantly pushing the limits of innovation and focusing on high-performance electric heating products, the company gradually conquered the Quebec, Canadian, United States and overseas markets.


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Since 1950

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