Slant/Fin was founded by Mel Dubin in 1949. Mel was convinced there was a better way to manufacture fin-tube radiation and he was determined to find it. Mel’s story (and eventually our story) started in the back of a bakery in Coney Island, New York, with a focus on commercial grade elements. The original design was a locked, slanted fin – hence the name Slant/Fin. Mel had lots of stories – his favorite about the small original work area. “We had to manufacture 10-foot elements one-half at a time, then open the back door to turn it around to finish.” For more than half a century, heating contractors, engineers and builders alike have depended on Slant/Fin for products of the highest quality. Today, we install heating equipment in millions of homes in the United States, Canada and around the world.


Iso ASME – VGH Residential Boiler


Bluejet® Premix Burner – VGH Residential Boiler


VGH High Efficiency Boiler

Compact 33.3 x 17.3 x 20.9 inches (h x w d) and light weight – under 188 lbs. The VGH series of wall mounted boilers is one of the smallest, lightest and most powerful boilers in its class. Its small size and light weight make for easy and flexible installation options without the need of specialized transportation tools.


Are You Tired of Your Old Baseboard Covers?

Are you tired of your aging baseboard? Are they hard to clean? Are you ready for a change but don’t know where to begin?


Revital Line Easy to Install, Easier to Enjoy

It’s amazing how simple it is to transform the look of any room. And, best of all—anyone can do it! Slant/Fin takes the guesswork out of…and puts our unsurpassed quality into…every Revital/Line™ makeover.


Slant Fin Revital Line Baseboard Cover

Breathe new life into your aging baseboard! Slant/Fin’s Revital/Line™ pre-cut covers are designed to replace covers on baseboard up to 8.5”H x 3”D. Simply measure your current baseboard, choose your color, and you’re ready to begin. To install pop off the old, worn covers, and slip on (directly over the back panel) a perfectly sized set of sleek, modern units… quickly and easily!


Revital Line only from Slant Fin

Watch the installation video to see just how easy it is to breathe new life into your aging baseboard! Simply measure your current baseboard, choose your color, and you’re ready to begin. Revital/Line replacement baseboard covers – only from Slant/Fin!


Intro to Web App & Creating Account

Heat Loss Calculator Welcome to the Slant Fin Hydronic Explorer web application. We will walk you through how to use this web app in this set of videos. In this video we will introduce you to the web app, set up a new account and walk you through using the heat loss calculator.


Summary & Setting Up Estimates

In this video we will talk about the job summary and how to use this summary as an estimate for your jobs.


Editing Jobs & Additional Features

In this video we will talk about how to edit an existing job, and also how to use a few of the additional features. These features should help you navigate and use the web app.


Hydronic Explorer Heatloss Calculator App


Slant Fin Baseboard Installation


Baseboard Distribution


Decorator Series Baseboard


Eutectic The Best Oil Boiler in the Industry


Eutectic A Quiet Success Story


Eutectic Installation



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