Friday, June 05, 2020
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Residential HVAC Equipment

OHY - Hybrid Convection and Forced-Air Wall Heater

We represent a variety of Residential HVAC manufacturers including: Modine Hot Dawg Garage heaters & Geothermal systems, Ouellet electric heaters, High Efficiency Boilers, Solar Systems & Indirect Fired Hot Water Tanks, Residential Gas Fired Heaters, Slant/Fin Baseboard Heating, cast-iron boilers, Various snow melt & radiant systems and others.

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Commercial HVAC Equipment

ORR - Radiant Heater

Atherion commercial packaged units & make-up air systems from Modine, Titan Make-up air units, commercial boilers, Columbia steam boilers, Reimers electric boilers, Various Snow melt & radiant systems & more.

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Industrial HVAC Equipment

OHX - Explosion-Proof Unit Heater

Modine gas fired unit heaters, duct furnaces, steam/hot water unit heaters & infrared heaters, Ouellet electric unit heaters, draft barriers & cabinet/wall heaters, Berner air curtains and others.

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HVAC Equipment We Supply

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